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Awakening Therapy

Therawake is a hub of healing at that pivotal time of the ‘awakening’. Whether it be an individual realisation that something must change in order to live a more fulfilling life or whether an organisation needs creative clinical intervention to help their teams push through interpersonal and societal barriers; Therawake is here to help!

The Therawake Podcasts

Initial Chemistry Consultations

This consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know each other, discuss your concerns, and explore how I can best support you on your journey.


Dramatherapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses creative and expressive techniques, such as drama and role-play, to explore emotions and promote healing.

Creative Couples Counselling

Creative Couples Counselling helps to reset and realign the union, explore opportunities and set you back on the right path.


Psychotherapy is a form of ‘talking therapy’ which supports a more positive outlook to maintaining a conducive, balanced and regular approach to life.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR uses an intensive 8 – phase structure to help free clients from their minds imprisoning them with past traumatic memories.

Creative Facilitation

Creative Facilitation for teams, organisations and institutions to encourage the use of a sensory experience, movement, embodiment and creative collaboration.

Out of the Ashes We Soar!

With years of clinical experience dating back to 2001, the wisdom, versatility, professionalism, and confidence in this organisation will reassure you that clinical excellence is what Therawake represents.

The Therawake Directory

Check our latest feature, the Therawake Directory, This is your first – stop hub to look for specialist Counsellors and Therapists across modalities to help you find the right person for you.