What Is Counselling?

Counselling provides a safe space to talk about some of the issues and challenges presenting in a person’s life. The trained Counsellor will initiate the therapeutic relationship by using a Person – Centred approach.  This involves actively listening,  taking notes, demonstrating empathy and unconditional positive regard.

Clients who opt for Counselling tend to desire an external trained professional to listen to them without judgement and to cultivate a space which harnesses positive and honest reflection. You may see a Counsellor individually, as a couple or with family members.

Counsellors DO NOT give advice.  The Counsellor will assist in unpacking the reflection processes for all involved in the treatment and, without judgement, hold a space to explore all the potential options, paying attention to decisions which are being made driven by emotion and which are logical.

Once introductions have taken place, a contract or Working Agreement will be established which will underline the expectations of the therapeutic relationship between the client (s) and the Counsellor. Some Counsellors use an assessment template to ask general questions about history, childhood, presenting issues and setting milestones to work towards.

There may be times where clients are given homework or are invited to keep journals of their process outside of therapy, which includes paying attention to dreams and thoughts. All notes taken are stored securely in accordance with the GDPR guidelines.

Here at Therawake, clients are offered 6 sessions to begin with before reviewing, then it will be established whether the dosage is enough or whether the client chooses to establish a longer – term engagement with the Counsellor.

I worked with Judy using her Dramatherapy approach. From our very first session, I felt really understood and heard by Judy, and she helped me to realise my feelings and experiences were valid. Judy helped me to regain some of my self-confidence again, and really worked hard with me to re-establish my self-worth and independence. I stopped our sessions as I had to start a specific form of treatment elsewhere, but I will be going back to sessions with Judy once my treatment is complete, because I really felt a huge positive shift in myself since working with her.

Training & Qualifications

  • Bsc Hons Psychology and Counselling (Roehampton)
  • MA Dramatherapy (Roehampton)
  • Diploma in Clinical Supervision (Terapia)
  • Couples Counselling Accreditation (Tavistock and Portman)
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing technique) trained at EMDR Works