What Is Creative Couples Counselling?

A Bespoke 10 – Week programme will be designed based on the issues within the relationship and the recurring themes recurring in the union.

It is worth noting that all relationships which has LIFE will encounter difficulties and conflicts. When two become one – there are parts of each person who will certainly oppose and resist! Help is at hand! You have been in your own body all of your life; now you are expected to share parts of you with another human being – a perfect condition for the ideal storm.

It is very easy for Couples to forget why they are together and how it all started.  With the hustle and bustle of life, expectations from friends, families and colleagues, financial expectations, changes in health, a reduction in time alone, political viewpoints being tested  – relationships are tough. There is no harm in getting an MOT every so often, in the form of Creative Couples Therapy which helps to reset and realign the union and set you back on the right path.

Creative Counselling Online

Creative Couples Counselling is, delivered online for:

  • Couples experiencing ruptures in the relationship
  • Pre – Marriage Counselling
  • Loss of intimacy
  • Support in recoupling after separation
  • Repair after adultery
  • Early marriage support
  • Managing Grief and Loss in relationships
  • Executing healthy ‘endings’ of relationships, i.e learning communication resources to explain to children and family members

Creative Couples Counselling uses movement, projective reflective techniques, early years learned attachment styles, opportunity for individual time with therapist, homework and the opportunity to speak authenticallyand transparently with spouse.

An initial Chemistry Session will take place with Couples to look at what needs to be explored in the treatment programme, followed by Individual sessions with the therapist. From here, a 10 – session programme will be devised for the couple to attend weekly.

Don’t delay – book a Chemistry session today!

When I started the EMDR process, I was sceptical about whether it would work for me. I was at the lowest point of my life, my situation felt hopeless. I initially found the process difficult and painful, and I didn’t know if I wanted to continue with it. I expressed my concerns to Judy and she was able to adapt the process to enable me to be better equip with coping between our sessions. I decided to persevere and I’m glad I did because, EMDR saved my life! I know to many that may seem excessive but it truly did. I was able to work through 30 years of complex trauma. I started to notice that the memories of the trauma were no longer traumatising me the way in which they used to. I started noticing things that would once cause me anxiety, no longer had the same hold on me. I was willing to try new things and sit with my uncomfortable feelings without becoming destructive.

Training & Qualifications

  • Bsc Hons Psychology and Counselling (Roehampton)
  • MA Dramatherapy (Roehampton)
  • Diploma in Clinical Supervision (Terapia)
  • Couples Counselling Accreditation (Tavistock and Portman)
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing technique) trained at EMDR Works