What Is Creative Facilitation?

We offer facilitation to teams, organisations and institutions which are delivered using an interactive format.  We encourage the use of a sensory experience which will enable participants to, not only, learn and develop through cognitive and academic approaches, but to to step into learning through movement, embodiment and creative collaboration.
The purpose of using creativity as a method of delivery in training is to:
  • approach uncomfortable themes and issues using projective techniques to break -through the bassiers of resistance
  • develop and adapt resources to assist organisations, teams and institutions at continuing this framework of innovation, in order to move with the changing times, which is accessible to all
  • take the ‘dryness’ out of training in order to make it interactive, fun, safe and less hostile
  • unpack and unveil unconscious bias within the workforce and work through them rather than against them
  • explore early – year attachment theories whilst understanding how it can impact behaviours in the workplace, whilst offering individual clinical supervision to support understanding, healing, being kind to self and having compassion for others
  • understanding how important projections can play out in team whilst resourcing individuals to become more confident in owning what behaviours and attitudes are stemming from their stuff and what may be transferred from others.
  • have fun with each other and bring out the inner child to play!
Facilitation can be delivered in Universities, Colleges, Corporate teams, Partnership work, Youth and Community settings, as part of Continued Professional Development, Institutions and Organisations.
Therawake will only deliver to spaces which are welcoming of the service.  Therapy, Development and Learning can only happen when there is an Awakening attitude to welcome change.

I worked with Judy using her Dramatherapy approach. From our very first session, I felt really understood and heard by Judy, and she helped me to realise my feelings and experiences were valid. Judy helped me to regain some of my self-confidence again, and really worked hard with me to re-establish my self-worth and independence. I stopped our sessions as I had to start a specific form of treatment elsewhere, but I will be going back to sessions with Judy once my treatment is complete, because I really felt a huge positive shift in myself since working with her.

Training & Qualifications

  • Bsc Hons Psychology and Counselling (Roehampton)
  • MA Dramatherapy (Roehampton)
  • Diploma in Clinical Supervision (Terapia)
  • Couples Counselling Accreditation (Tavistock and Portman)
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing technique) trained at EMDR Works